2010-2014 S1000RR Built Motor Development
2010-2014 S1000RR Built Motor Development 05/21/17

Based on customer feedback and requests as well as market research, we found a void in the S1000RR market for true upgraded motor components. For the past 6 months we have been working on a project that will change the way BMW owners look at built engines. At this point the quickest and fastest


Based on customer feedback and requests as well as market research, we found a void in the S1000RR market for true upgraded motor components. For the past 6 months we have been working on a project that will change the way BMW owners look at built engines. At this point the quickest and fastest BMW’s in the world have been dominated by stock engine bikes. We are setting out to bridge the gap, fill the voids and provide a product that truly produces power over OEM engines.

After doing research on the few companies that have been building or outsourcing motors for years, we have identified quite a few problems which we feel we can improve on. The issues that we are targeting are:

– An array of unhappy customers looking for more solid solutions.
– Extreme price gouging of parts/engines.
– No true gains shown over a stock engine with proper tuning.
– No significant real world performance testing.
– No built engine reflash solutions. Imagine purchasing a “Stage 4” $22,000+ competitor motor and being sent a power commander for tuning.

During our testing and selection process of the ideal street camshaft we made a checklist of must haves for a built engine, our biggest goal is performance without sacrifice.

– Low noise and stealth idle (no stalling or radical over-camming at idle).
– Full driveability with minor loss if any in bottom RPM range with large increases in mid and top end power with a similar to stock powerband.
– No change in fuel economy.
– Can run on 91 octane pump fuel without octane additives.
– Works with all stock components, including exhaust, clutch, valvetrain and fluids.
– Requires no head porting or external degreeing changes to the motor that would require an engine builder to be hired. This allows less room for error during installation and keeps cost down.
– Can be mapped with our flash software and sold as a plug and play kit or with a piggyback fuel commander. While we have mapped many built engines with our BrenTuning V3 software, we always felt they were not nearly as powerful or ran to their potential because they were using off the shelf high lift / high duration camshafts. These cams did not work with their piston selection and BMW’s head design. We learned this first hand later in our testing.
– Provides proven gains on the dyno and in real world testing, quantitative gains for the dollar at a far more attractive price than the current offerings.
– Some of the most respected and well known engine component builders have brought knowledge and had a hand in this project to help bring the best possible products to the market.
– Make a kit that works together through R&D. A piston and cam design made to work together and not piecemeal together to optimize air flow and performance.

Our BrenTuning S1000RR motor components will be offered in two configurations:

1) Street compression piston/pump fuel with correctly matched street/strip camshaft set (parts only).

2) Street compression piston pump fuel / with correctly matched street/strip camshaft set installed in an overhauled S1000RR motor (or bike sent to our facility).

Future options will include special order pistons (14:5:1 for race fuel only and 10:0:1 boosted application pistons will be revisited over the winter along with a low boost stock motor pump fuel 300hp boosted application).

Pricing and timeline are both currently being worked out. We will be offering pre-order pricing in the next two weeks along with more information. We should have everything ready to go within the next month or so if all goes well. We will be testing on our in house test bike in the very near future and will come out with some concrete data which will prove the worth of these upgrades. For those of you with engines to sell, we are actively buying up cores and would really like a few more longblocks so we can have them ready to go. As you can expect from us, this will be a proper setup and we won’t be selling snake oil like many of the alternatives on the market. Everything will be torture tested on our dyno, at the track and on the street.

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  • “ Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The BrenTuning team delivered excellent work and answered all of my questions. Their E-Tune service was a great experience and I would do it again. ”

    Chris Cioffari May 12, 2017
  • “ I highly recommend Bren Tuning. I've gone to see them twice with my 15' STI, first time after getting the access port and installing an intake and last week for GS downpipe, N1 cat back and of course another tune. Couldn't be happier with the results, car runs and sounds even better that I expected. ”

    Troy Cregger May 12, 2017
  • “ Had my 2010 335xi serviced here and I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. I had a lot of work done at once and it all came out perfect. Definitely recommend and you are guaranteed to be pleased with the results! ”

    Dariush Vafaee May 12, 2017
  • “ Just finished getting a e-tune on my 15 wrx and its amazing! Car runs so smooth and has so much power! I highly recommend them for anything you need for your car. I will be taking the 3 hour trip to get more work done. Customer service was great and speedy! ”

    Chris Hernandez May 12, 2017
  • “ I've been working with Bren for over a year now on my 2015 STi. It's not often I find a shop that shares my perspective when it comes to my car. Down to earth, "REAL' car-guys. They treat my car as if it were their own, and do their best to exceed my expectations every time. I also use them for maintenance on my car. Its where I prefer to bring my car, because I know nothing will be overlooked. And when track days come around , they'll be there too, to help and advise me every step of the way. I cant ask for anything more than that. ”

    Mar Salisbury May 12, 2017
  • “ Bren seriously took his time with my tune and it was absolutely amazing. Really worked hard to get it right and when I saw that dyno sheet I almost wanted to cry from joy, power curves were amazing and he ended up getting me perfectly to 337hp 337tq. I couldn't be more happy with numbers like that. Not only was the tune amazing, but the customer service. I had a 330 spot on a Friday, ran into some trouble getting there and wasn't able to arrive until 45 minutes after my appointment. I simply called them, and was told exactly this "hey man no worries we understand, get here whenever you can and we'll make sure we take care of you tonight." To me... That says it all about Bren right there. Excellent work, you've got a lifetime customer here. ”

    Jamie Pereira May 12, 2017
  • “ Had an install and protune done with Bren and the team on my 2015 WRX. Car put out absolutely stunning results! Bren really took time and patience getting the tune right. After the dyno tune he sat with me for a ride along to make sure everything was to my liking. Great team, very friendly, down to earth and professional! ”

    Vahe Keshishian May 12, 2017
  • “ Got my 2015 Wrx e-tuned by Brentuning and could not have been any better. All my questions and concerns were answered in a timely fashion along with the tuning process itself. Car is now so much more drivable with the rev hang removed, pulls much smoother, and pulls way harder all the way to redline. ”

    Perry Alpert May 12, 2017
  • “ Hands Down...The BEST Customer Service Ever. I have a Stage 2+ 2012 STi and worked with BrenTuning to have a Protune added. The car feels completely different. There is significantly less delay in response time. The boost holds much better and is a much smoother pull. I can also feel a significant gain in tongue. Their response time was incredible though. Communication was done through email and the turn around time was instantaneous, literally felt like texting. I would highly recommend BrenTuning for great work and outstanding customer service. ”

    Ben Weber May 09, 2017
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