2010-2014 S1000RR Handheld Trade-Up Program
2010-2014 S1000RR Handheld Trade-Up Program 05/21/17

Looking To Upgrade? Look No Further!

We are finding that many of our previous 2010-2014 S1000RR handheld customers are contacting us after upgrading to a 2015+ S1000RR and looking to use their same tuning handheld. Unfortunately due to the nature of the BMSX ECU in the 2015+, flashing via the same handheld and OBD2 port is not an option. What we are going to offer our existing customer looking for an upgrade can be seen below as long as the following criteria are met:

Uninstall the handheld from the motorcycle by going back to the “original” file. The device has to be in like new condition with all cables included (box preferred but not required). Pricing below:

2015 S1000RR Upgrades with trade up program:

Stage 1 tune – $250
Stage 2 tune – $695
Stage 1 w/ IAT kit – $325
Stage 2 w/ IAT kit – $775

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