2015-2016 S1000RR “Alpha N” Fueling
2015-2016 S1000RR “Alpha N” Fueling 05/21/17

Razor sharp throttle, Increased Power!

Not to be confused with “Alpha Racing”

Alpha-N is a different type of fueling strategy used by motorsport racing teams and OEM manufacturers alike. It is a means of tuning using a fuel look up table and throttle position.

The advantages of Alpha-N are simple; more relative filing (power), accurate fueling at any throttle angle, razor sharp throttle response with lambda trimming and full ECU control, engine smoothness and of course, increased horsepower.

Alpha-N works similar to a PC5 by calculating fuel but with the ability to trim fuel (oxygen sensors) for the current conditions. It works very well in engines with individual throttle bodies, aggressive high compression engines and high rpm racing environments; the S1000RR checks off all of these boxes. Given the new air/fuel calculation that is now being used, the ignition strategy also had to be revisited as well along with throttle maps.

The bike is different all around once when converted to Full Alpha-N. Starting from the sound of it, to the extra torque and even smoother rev matching, Alpha-N is beneficial all around. Mid-range and low end throttle response makes the bike razor sharp, fun to ride and on the power all the time. It is very much like a real race bike but now except in street form. It feels and operates completely different while still
giving you the riding confidence of your previous tune.

The only downsides of Alpha-N are with emissions and four season climates, both of which do not apply to racing or motorsports type motorcycles. For that, in comes mass air flow sensors for cars/bikes that needs to meet emissions and extreme cold/hot temperatures which BMW uses on more of their touring style bikes.

Many OEMs use this in their racing and motorsports series including Ducati, BMW M, and AMG. Many tuners have adopted this on automobiles as a add-on for power on tuning N/A motors (E46 M3 and E39 M5 have amazing gains over normal tuning).

So, we have tweaked and adjusted this to work on any 2010-2014 S1000RR/HP4 with 2015+ capability coming soon. Over the last 6 months we have been taking bikes we have previously calibrated using the original factory means and converted them to Alpha-N. We have consistently watched the gains on the dyno and then tested on the street/track in real world conditions. All converted bikes/riders have said that it is a night and day difference. After much testing, it’s finally ready to go public.

Quantitatively, the Alpha-N bikes typically make an additional 8-9HP above 9000RPMS on a stock S1000RR motor. It also makes tuning our upcoming camshaft and piston upgrades seamless. It will also allow for perfect tuning of our upcoming carbon fiber airbox without requiring drastic custom dyno tuning for high end modifications. For those who love the ride, you can enjoy your bike all over again with Alpha-N tuning.

Below we demonstrated an HP4 custom tuned using the factory style map and we changing nothing but adding a converted Alpha-N tune to the bike.

Pricing will be $250 for single map, and $300 for dual map (Pump gas / Race gas).


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