2014 S1000RR HP4 vs 2015 S10000RR
2014 S1000RR HP4 vs 2015 S10000RR 05/21/17

The difference may be bigger than you thought

The biggest difference between the two happens when they are tuned. While the HP4 can pick up some great power with our tuning, it is nothing like the ’15. The ’15 with our stage 2 file is absolutely crazy, even on pump gas. While the peak numbers aren’t wildly different, the torque and midrange power is where the ’15 shines. There are gains of 25WHP/10WTQ throughout much of the mid range over the HP4 which translates to a wildly entertaining bike to ride.

Much of this additional power is due to a much stronger ECU in the ’15 and revised heads over the HP4. The 2015 RR is essentially making the same power stock that a 2010-2014 bike made with a head / cam package. For those of you asking about upgrading to the 2015, it is a no brainer in our opinion.

Give us a call for any 2010+ BMW Flash tuning! We have solutions for bikes beyond the typical R/RR as well!

Baseline (stock ECU) 2014 HP4 vs 2015 RR



2014 HP4 dyno tuned vs 2015 RR dyno tuned with HPRace Elite (stage 2) flash



The results speak for themselves!

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