2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Making Power With BrenTuning!
2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Making Power With BrenTuning! 02/04/19

50whp Gain From Our Tune

Check out this 458 Italia we tuned. From just a tune, we gained 51whp/48wtq! Power and torque is increased across the entire RPM band.

Want this kind of power for your car? We will have our handheld tuner available on our webstore very soon. This will support for the Ferrari 458 and the 5.2L Lamborghini Gallardo. The handheld tuner allows you to plug right into your OBD2 port and install the custom tune. It will also act as a code reader (should you ever need that) and if you end up selling your car, you are able to put the tune back to stock. Keep checking back for more details.

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