2015 WRX FA20DIT Stock Engine Stock Turbo World Record!!
2015 WRX FA20DIT Stock Engine Stock Turbo World Record!! 02/20/18

2015+ WRX FA20DIT Stock Engine Stock Turbo World Record!


We decided to turn that car up onto full kill mode. The car has been posted here before I think. It made 380WHP with the same mods for well over a year, no issues. It is here for some upgrades and we talked with the customer about some glory runs to see what it could put down. We were honestly completely shocked by the power it made. People will say yea it’s not a dyno jet, yea you can fudge the numbers blah blah blah. We don’t do that, that isn’t what has got us here to begin with.

The dyno is our MD500SE AWD Mustang Dyno. Stock DIT will do around 230WHP on this unit.

This car has the following mods:

Stock unopened engine
Stock turbo (no porting or wheel work)
Stock transmission
E66 Ethanol blend
Upgraded clutch
KillerB EWG header
Tial gates
Cobb flex kit
Cobb AP
Cobb intake

Final pull was 452WHP/414WTQ, tapered the torque in as late as possible and kept as low as possible to help keep it together. We made 5 pulls on the car all above 430WHP. Unbelievable how far this platform has come in the past few years, very very stout engine overall from our testing.



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  1. I keep hearing that 350-400 torque on the stock FA20DIT will put too much stress on the rods. How hard has this been driven? How long has it had this much power, and how is it holding up?

    Also read about LSPI on these engines and thst using Motul Xclean oil solves this issue and, therefore, saves the rods. Is this true?

    Thank you!


    Tim G
    2018 WRX

    Tim Gradner
    April 19, 2019 | 9:26 pm
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