Audi S3 Tuning
Audi S3 Tuning 12/09/19

Great Gains

As you know from previous posts we are a big fan of the VW/Audi MQB 2.0 platform. Many are converting over from a long ownership of Subarus due to the potential of this engine and the chassis. So we finally freed up some time to test the Audi S3 stock, APR 93 file + TCU along with their carbon airbox on the dyno. The gains are massive and the power (much like the Golf R sister platform) we tested is that of a fully bolted and tuned WRX/STi without hard parts. Look for this S3 vbox results and 1/4 mile testing to see if we can get this into the 11’s with this power as the weather starts to cooperate. +70hp+70tq gains from tuning and 5-6hp from the carbon airbox was found during same day independent testing.


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