Audi S5 Tuning
Audi S5 Tuning 12/10/19

Great Gains

This S5 is in for its second round of modifications after getting the @aprllc stage 1 ECU/TCU flash done last month. We took the remaining lineup of parts from APR and installed them followed by a new APR S2 map and then we confirmed power output on the dyno after.

The car received APR’s upper and lower pulley, coolant performance system, open carbon inbox and rear inlet pipe. In addition to that we installed 034 Motorsports x-brace, drivetrain mount insert and rear sway bar to help put the power down.

These cars are about 300WHP on the dot in stock trim, with these upgrades and proper mapping, this car picked up 120WHP over stock on a 93 octane map.

We are happy to service, modify and tune any of your European vehicle needs. Reach out to our sales team to see what we can offer you and help maximize your vehicles performance with proper modifications and maintenance!


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