BrenTuning: V1 vs V2 Mapping and Tools
BrenTuning: V1 vs V2 Mapping and Tools 05/21/17

V1 vs V2 Mapping and Tools

V1 vs. V2 Difference


Hardware: V1 used a Dimsport MYGenius standalone Device, not to be confused with Rapid Bike piggyback, but a handheld programmer designed for motorcycles/cars/marine. It allowed transferring of a few tunes plus original, and a throttle reset mode. It had its own proprietary connector from serial to BMW bikes. It was a neat device; however it lacked the features of the new V2 device. MyGenius also had the largest fees for resetting the device for a customer for a new platform, motorcycle, of a current user. Which was a large compliant we wanted to address but had no control over.

DimSport MyGenius:


Our new standalone device for V2 brings much more to the table to our customer base per the following:

V2 Standalone Flash Device:


V2 Android Flash Device:


-Diagnostics: code reading, adaptation reset (Fuel/Ignition/Throttle), TPS alignment, reset service indicators, TPS (Throttle Position) actual (good for troubleshooting issues), and Transport Mode on and off. To those that don’t already have a GS-911 this is an extremely helpful add on to our tuning device!

-Resetting: Lots of our customers in the time of the V1 device either traded up to an HP4, purchased a newer bike, or totaled them etc. V1 made this a slow, expensive process to get them back up and running. Getting the mapping on a new bike is much easier and cheaper with our V2 devices at a $100 flat fee.

-End User software: The V1 MYGenius software required constant updates that confused customers, and issues where in some cases it would lock up a working unit, and required a new update to get software on it. We worked through many errors that were not on our end and needed to search out more stable product for customers.

-Matching of original files: A big issue we had with V1 was customer who had multiple bikes, or had reset their device would try to load their old files, and flash their bikes with say a 2011 file in a 2013 bike, as the file names were generic and very easily mixed up. This was solved with V2 as there is a dedicated original vs. modified protection built in check all the files that go through to be able to loaded and will kick back incorrect files. Along with the fact that each file that leaves BrenTuning will have your name, year, and modification, and octane listed as the device allows more details.

-A live log will always be available for master (BT) on the back end and the master can also see in real-time what is going on the screen where BrenTuning can also take control and see log files instantly to see if the client is not following protocol. (IE choosing Audi, instead of BMW MOTORRAD) Emails are sent to both parties when the reads/uploads are sent to make sure everyone is in the loop of file creations. This is KEY, as we can monitor every move of the flash tool – meaning if the customer didn’t flash the right file per mod-set, or even flash at all. We can troubleshoot and help!

-Databank: We are building a databank so customers do not have to wait or go through email to get their custom tunes; our databank will find a match to your mod list, octane, and software version and show you the available files for download. Custom tune requests outside of the databank can always be done with our tuner.

-Availability: With these new units we can get them almost immediately as they are regularly made and stocked in the US with US support.

-Customization to tunes every time! Have a request for a stock rev limiter, driving modes to be modified specifically, need a head/cam file, nitrous, base turbo kit? This can ALL be done with V2 while we were limited with V1.

Note about MPF
-MPF has these same features, and same cheap ability to reset and be a stable product bundled into an android based system versus a standalone programmer. The difference is it works on wifi based cloud system, and use your cell phone or android device, and code clearing, datalogging, GPS, can be done via a $8 ELM327 OBD2 module and the “torque app” with a cable adapter we provide.


Tuning upgrades and how your bike will respond with V2 if it was already tuned with V1 or you have thought about purchasing a V1 from another vendor:

What most care about: Horsepower and torque. The new found mapping includes changes to 27 additional tables to V1; including new limiters, throttle tables, and much more!

Independent customer results have shown V1 race fuel results on their V2 pump fuel map. With the choice of 93, you can make as much if not more then what your bike made on the older mapping on MR12. The average customer is gaining 10whp/10wtq over their old tune, which large gains from the low end to top end. While V1 users were not gaining power in the low rpms, V2 is now.

A brief look into what has changed in some of these 27 new maps:

  • Remap new load throttle tables to supply a optimal power at lower and higher high loads (larger low end gains and softening the 9k rpm hit, shocking traction control)
  • Remap individual throttle body angle to deliver 100% performance through the individual throttle bodies at all rpms (Self-explanatory, more power precisely everywhere)
  • Remap of new TQ throttle tables rain through slick for smoother operation and drive-ability (Low end response is improved greatly)
  • Reconfigured new HP Race adjusted (Enhanced) Traction control / throttle retard in all modes / new Quick Shifter performance maps found for even faster and crisper shifting.
  • Adjust decel fueling / load to HP Race ECU spec and beyond (this includes decel overrun burble, backfire when lifting off throttle, and excellent engine braking)
  • Adjust fueling and ignition adaptation for instant response and consistent power to HP Race ECU limits (an issue found with previous maps, makes bike extremely consistent, we ran our race fuel bike 15x between 209-211whp, and bike can then learn from pump to race fuel, without swapping maps so often)
  • Adjust timing octane adaptation for instant response and consistent power to HP Race ECU limits – (Set upper octane ignition limit to be able to adjust for higher race fueling on the fly (unleaded oxygenated fuels) and to modify on the fly for even faster gains.)
  • 4 New found torque and ignition limiters modified and adjusted for performance at all engine loads especially important on any of the bikes updated in last 6 months by BMW (this will kill power on a tuned bike unless addressed) 2012+ bike will be effected.-Alpha- N ECU fueling – this new fuel strategy allows far accurate fueling to tune for big head/cam, big piston, turbo kits, larger diameter air boxes, along with NAILING full exhaust bike fueling. Standardizing the tunes across the board.
  • Engine torque modification, beyond conventional limiters, the S1000RR use a strategy where they only use 8x% of the motors capable torque value. All 100% engine torque will be achieved, mostly important for those in top speed racing, or high gear racing where the bike will back off.
  • Race maps – for those who are looking for every last horsepower, we have tested each year bike on different fueling for the real ignition and knock limiting factors with purpose built det can tools, along with EGT testing. We have found what the true limit of the S1000RR motor is, regardless of the OEM knock frequencies and plotted it accordingly. We have found where the sensor is overly sensitive and where it is not sensitive enough and re-worked all the preset tables accordingly.
  • Unlocking the latest *117 software update for full power, when bikes are flashed to this at the dealer, unfortunately it will remove the gains of the V1 style tune all together.

My Dyno Sheet from Brentuning custom tune last week

• Up to +15WHP gains on 100% stock 2010+ S1000RR and up to +20wHP gains with full exhaust seen in 3rd party testing.
• Mapping for all exhaust brand completed, head/cam kits, along with ported head files for each specific worldwide fueling, forced induction, nitrous.
• Additional Custom Tuning parameters / remote Dyno Tuning available.
• V2 Includes support for: All new 2012+ bikes S1000RR with the “untuneable” 119 software/ HP4s / HP RACE ECUs with the VIN lock.
Graphs below of V2 alone vs. stock, or V1 vs. V2, provided by customers dyno tested 3rd party, as that is the best testing method for real world results. The bike tuned in house was custom dyno tuned for best results.

BrenTuning V2 Flash 100% Stock Bike 93oct


BrenTuning V1 vs V2 Flash on a Stock Bike 93oct


BrenTuning V1 vs V2 Flash with Full Akrapovic Exhaust 93oct


BrenTuning V2 ACN91 Flash, Stock Bike


Email or for more information

It has been brought to our attention that there has been confusion created by other vendors that our newest V2 software is available elsewhere. This is an outright lie as we have zero ties with any other S1000rr tuner on the market. The only way to get any BrenTuning software is directly from us, or one of our authorized retailers.

Any graph found in our current threads, or uploaded to our online dyno database, is of mapping made in house at BrenTuning. After finding some issues with our previous mapping we made the choice to cut ties with our old partner due to their unwillingness to help correct these.

Yes, upgrading to our new unit will cost money for an existing customer. This fee covers hardware. All upgrades get the v2 mapping for free! The new hardware is mandatory when upgrading as we can now grab more of the OEM rom than before. Dimsport while providing a nice product could not hold a file of this size. Our new units are able to hold files larger than what we have so no need to worry in the future.

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