BrenTuning V2 S1000RR Flash Tuning Tool Release
BrenTuning V2 S1000RR Flash Tuning Tool Release 05/21/17

More Flexible, More Powerful, More Convenient

BRENTUNING MPF (MyPersonalFlasher) S1000RR/HP4 Flash Tool V2

More Flexible, More Powerful, More Convenient



What solution this new flash tool provides over current flash tools on market:

-Works over WIFI internet, no need to email files back and forth – you share a file cloud with BrenTuning engineer/tuner to share files on and can access it anytime.

-Simple $100 unlock fee and ability to work with other makes and models, various motorcycle purchases, trade ups. Eventually all OBD protocols will be added to work with this exact unit so you can keep beyond current bike purchase (cars, trucks, motorcycles). Just simply pay the map price, keep the hardware forever. Special “trade up” price for bikes that are traded up among st same owner.

-The diagnostic cable and flash cable are 2 separate entities, making this tool work with Bluetooth ELM units, code clearing apps, torque apps, or ability to use on other makes and models after tuning your bike (with an unlock) More BrenTuning approved apps, gauges, power measurement, Bluetooth code clearing and diagnostic will come.

-All new more robust / powerful mapping. It can download a 2.5MB file vs. previous 2.0MB file, allowing for more data area for large tuning surface area for better mapping, .5MB more map area for tuning.

New Pump/Race, Head/Cam base mapping, high compression piston, low boost turbo kit, nitrous mapping.

-Faster upload/download time of files.

-Hold 4 tuned files, and 1 original at a time. Can be deleted and replaced with 4 more at any point. You can request different exhaust map setups, etc, and old can be removed.

-Works with 4.0+Android devices currently

-Automatically matches up software versions, and does not allow bike to run with wrong year software that does not match the download, avoiding mix ups with customers loading wrong files, wrong firmware, and no starts.

-A live log will always be available for master on the backend and the master can also see in realtime what is going on the screen where BrenTuning can also take control and see log files instantly to see if the client is not following protocol. (IE choosing Audi, instead of BMW MOTORRAD) Emails are sent to both parties when the reads/uploads are sent to make sure everyone is in the loop of file creations. This is KEY, as we can monitor every move of the flash tool – meaning if the customer didn’t flash the right file per modset, or even flash at all. We can troubleshoot and help!

-Custom remote dyno tuning is a lot faster and simpler to those who choose to go that route, as long as WIFI is connected.

-Works with any Android device 4.0+ that support file sharing.

How it works:

V1 vs V2


droid1_zps73410442 droid2_zpsd94bd992

How to order:

We have 20 + Android units sold at the moment, and are creating new cables by the day. Those interested in purchasing will become part of a pre-order at 50% value for batch of next 20. Those IPhone/Windows only customer will be put on a list when those are completed. For those looking to upgrade from the previous handheld tuner, this will be an option as more cables become available. You will be responsible for just the hardware changes, not the mapping charge.

The new cost is $1095+shipping which includes 4 maps and all the new additions above. This $100 increase is due to hardware cost changing on our end for the 2 cables and to be able to offer all these value added features and more flexibility moving forward.


S1000RR Tune details:

• Remap part/idle/tip-in/deceleration + open and closed loop full throttle lambda fueling targets
• Remap part and full throttle timing for premium*pump and race fuels (91+93+100+105+116)*
• Removing 1-2-3rd gear ignition retard
• Remap desired load tables to supply a full power at high loads
• Remap throttle torque tables to supply a full 100% open throttle operation at higher loads
• Remap of all throttle tables rain through slick for smoother operation and drive-ability
• Enhanced Traction control / throttle retard in all modes / Quick Shifter performance through load modification
• Cat temp threshold fuel override for bikes with full exhaust (avoids failsafe fueling rich override)
• Adjust the rev limiter to HP Race ECU limits for stock motor (or built motors can be set higher, adjustable)
• Adjust decal fueling / load to HP Race ECU spec
• Adjust fueling adaptation for instant response and consistent power to HP Race ECU limits
• Adjust timing octane adaptation for instant response and consistent power to HP Race ECU limits
• Set upper octane ignition limit to be able to adjust for higher race fueling on the fly (unleaded oxygenated fuels)
• Torque limiters modified and adjusted for performance at all engine loads
• Up to +15WHP gains on 100% stock 2010+ S1000RR and up to +20wHP gains with full exhaust seen in 3rd party testing
• Mapping for all exhaust brand completed, head/cam kits,along with ported head files (Slip-ons, all Full systems, custom systems)
• ABS/DTC/HPRace/mapping fixes applied to all Pre 2012 bikes
• Additional Custom Tuning parameters / remote Dyno Tuning available for extra fee***
• Includes: All S1000RR / HP4 / HP RACE Ecus!

About the BrenTuning S1000RR Mail in ECU Tuning process:

• Uses factory 02 sensors, no longer need to force bike into open loop for tuning, allows for better engine braking, fuel target optimization, and part throttle / idle driveability.
• Load based ECU has alot of fine tuning adjustment versus piggyback tuner when setup correctly. Fuel piggybacks and ignition modules will not defeat the cat temp override or per gear fueling and perform poorly off the dyno in real world conditions. Ignition modules will not defeat the ignition and torque limiter tables, even when set to extremes the bike will detune itself.
• Corrects the Checksum/Immobilizer that causes most S1000RR tuners to brick ECUs.
• Undetectable methods of loading the file.
• Does not require Power Commander or Bazazz units – they can be removed.
• Unlock the ignition and throttle and torque limiters that plague these bikes with piggyback modules, especially at higher power levels.

Third party customer dynos

Stock 2012 S1000RR 3RD PARTY DYNO on ACN 91 octane and no mods 188+whp!


2011 S1000RR stock vs. flash vs. ported head + flash



2010 S1000RR flash vs. bazazz tuned bike 200+whp and runs 8.7!

Link: My ported head & Bren tune reflash (base map) experience


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