Cobb Tuning Ford Raptor 3.5 EcoBoost Custom Tuning from BrenTuning
Cobb Tuning Ford Raptor 3.5 EcoBoost Custom Tuning from BrenTuning 01/30/19

BrenTuning 3.5 EcoBoost Ford Raptor Stage 1 Testing and Custom Calibration is Complete!

COBB Tuning 2017-2018 Ford Raptor 3.5 ECOBOOST TUNING



With the release of the new Accessport V3 for the 2017-18 Ford Raptor 3.5 EcoBoost, we felt the need to crack into this market. Being a high volume, factory turbo charged engine, we saw a huge demand for performance modifications. The Cobb AP V3 allows for a seamless customer experience whether in house or tuning remotely. It is easily the best tuning suite on the market. Additionally, the factory 3.5 is very stout in factory configuration with a great transmission and lots of room for additional power with simple upgrades and calibration to start. We will be documenting our development in this platform with frequent updates.

While in person dyno tuning is the best option for local customers, we also have a huge web presence in many other platforms in regards to e-tuning vehicles. E-tuning is a simple yet effective way to custom tune your vehicle from anywhere in the world with the help of us as your Cobb Authorized Pro-Tuner. All of our in house developed maps and knowledge is added to our remote (e-tuning) files just like if you were to bring it in. This is an interactive way to tune your vehicle which is a little more hands on than a standard OTS map. While OTS Maps work very well as you will see from our graphs below, custom tuning either on the dyno or via our e-tuning service is a sure fire way to maximize your vehicle. OTS maps have to cover a wide range of vehicles from different locations, climates and fuel quality thus being more on the conservative side to fit into the different criteria you will see over thousands of vehicles. Our dyno or e-tuning service custom tunes your truck to your specific location, fuel quality and modification set — this is the best way to maximize your truck while still retaining safety and longevity that you will come to find is synonymous with the BrenTuning name.

At this time we are locked and loaded and ready to start custom tuning your EcoBoost powered Raptor! We have mapping options, accessports, parts and bundles being added to our webstore daily to work as your one stop Raptor shop! You can check out our available parts and tuning options via this link:

On to our findings

First and foremost we found the Raptor in stock form to drive pretty well, the 10 speed is a great transmission and drivability is pretty good in stock form. We then loaded the accessport and started testing their 87, 91 and 93 map options. We found all of the OTS maps from Cobb were a large improvement over the stock mapping in terms of power delivery and peak numbers as expected from Cobb. There is a big and noticeable difference in power when testing 87, 91 and 93 — those looking to go fast and to maximize the vehicle will definitely want to run 93 in the truck, it makes a big difference.

On the transmission side, there is no official transmission tuning (TCU) yet, however the torque limiter for the TCU is able to be raised which allows for additional power without confusing the transmission. At stage 1 power levels the truck drives great and does not need transmission tuning, Cobb had the same findings.



For customers looking to get rid of the auto start/stop or change the pedal feel, that is possible with the Cobb Accessport, these are big complaints on these trucks so being able to take care of it with a simple reflash will make a huge difference to many customers. Also there is the ability to change axle and tire ration for those changing that stuff which is helpful too.



As far as tuning strategies go and what works vs what doesn’t, we found that the truck first and foremost was very sensitive to ignition timing with big gains and losses with the addition of timing but also pulling timing quickly and thus power if the ECU detected knock. This was very visible in dyno graphs during our testing, even small knock corrections were visible. The truck has a very sophisticated system. Power gains were apparent from the 87 to 91 and even more on the 93 file. We found the factory truck and ECU calibration set the “inferred octane” level to 91 even with 93 in the tank.

During our testing phase we installed a Cobb SF Intake on the truck, the look and sounds this produces is insane, sounds amazing. While the look and audio provided was great, we didn’t see big gains out of this even with calibrating specifically for it. This is pretty typical to our findings in other modern direct inject turbo engines where intake systems do not provide much performance. We essentially only saw run to run or IAT related variance from the intake, no notable power increases anywhere in the powerband were found. Most off-road guys will probably prefer the stock system for dust/dirt/mud prevention, street guys looking for a smile every time they drive it will love this modification. At higher power levels we will re-test the intake versus stock and see if there is a restriction at elevated power levels.

The Gains 

Stock Raptor power rating varies extensively depending on IAT. We saw runs between 330/340WHP and 415/425WTQ stock.



87 Octane Cobb Stage 1 – We saw gains of +30WHP (peak) and +27WTQ (peak) however more like 35WTQ in the midrange.

93 Octane Cobb Stage 1 – we saw gains of +54WHP (peak) and +32WTQ (peak) but much more like 45WTQ in the midrange.

Lowest set of lines is stock, middle is 87 octane, highest is 93 octane.


93 octane BrenTuning dyno PROTune — we saw gains of +68WHP (peak) and +62WTQ (peak) with much larger gains in the low rpm and midrange +80WTQ/70WHP and decreased spool time which is incredibly clear in the lower RPM’s of the graphs. Any additional power to high RPM resulted in out of range IAT (intake air temperature), unstable run to run ignition values and fairly unacceptable levels of back-pressure from the factory turbochargers. The truck will quickly pull out load and ignition with higher IAT’s, an intercooler will make a big difference and a great mod for a stage 1 truck, we’d do this before say an intake system for best HP/$ ratio. While this is a simple attempt at a better tune, it does orchestrate the strengths of custom tuning on this platform to specific fuels. Further tuning, street testing along with an easy E30 ethanol mix will come soon so stay tuned for future data!

Lowest set of lines is stock, middle is Cobb 93 Stage 1, highest is 93 BrenTuning PROTune.



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