Experience Matters
Experience Matters 10/17/18

Come to the people that know your car better than anyone else

We have been tuning the FA20DIT platform for over 4 years at this point. Over that timeframe we have calibrated well over 2000 of these specific vehicles. Every modification set including upgraded turbos, built engines, ethanol, methanol etc etc. Over these 4 years we have found what works and what doesn’t. While other tuners will give you big promises of making “more hp bro”, there are many risks and downsides associated with that. A few customers recently have been approached with these big promises only to be disappointed with a poor driving car, minimal HP gains and the fear of what was changed and at what risk for the 10HP. A 10HP gain to constantly be worried about the car you have a loan on sending a rod through the block and driving terribly during your work commute, is that worth it? Making 10-20HP on almost every vehicle that comes through here is possible, but “sending it” on a customer car with a bank loan that needs to use it to get to work the next day is doing your customer a disservice. If you and your crew have a 50% failure rate over the past 6 months, what does that say?

We are a real shop with real staff and real means of communication. We aren’t just a guy on facebook. Waiting a week or 2 for a response is not something you will ever experience when working with us. If you want to numbers chase at the risk of your car, we can do it as well as the next guy — fortunately that is not something we do. There is always safety built into each calibration. Choose wisely when picking your tuner. Make sure customer service, reliability and proper drivability is on the top of their list when tuning your daily driver.

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