Important Regarding Cobb!!
Important Regarding Cobb!! 12/28/18

Subaru Owners MUST Read

PSA: Please please PLEASE do not install a Cobb SF intake on your stage 2 2015+ STi and run the Stage 2 map thinking it will run ok. Please don’t. The intake scaling is way off and you WILL damage your engine. There is no OTS available for that mod set and requires custom tuning from us to work. We have had 3-4 calls and emails today and yesterday with cars knocking the DAM down to 0 after beating the bag out of their car with the wrong mods for the wrong map. People always say XYZ OTS map is trash, well half the time (or more) the customer is simply running the wrong mods for the map they are on. OTS Maps are just fine if you follow the map notes. If you are unsure, simply ask, we don’t bite I promise. /rant


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