Mercedes C43/C400/C450 3.0TT M276 Dyno Tuning Available!
Mercedes C43/C400/C450 3.0TT M276 Dyno Tuning Available! 04/05/18

C43/C400/C450 AMG Tuning is now available!


BrenTuning is pleased to announce our custom dyno tuning calibrations for your Mercedes C43 AMG/C400/C450 with the 3.0 Bi-Turbo M276 engine!


We took a 100% stock C43 AMG and put it on our in house Mustang MD150 AWD Dyno for baseline runs. We took the best run of 3 which netted 341WHP/359WTQ. We then added our custom dyno tuned file to the vehicle and ran it 3 times showing the best of the 3 runs. This netted 391WHP/384WTQ for gains of 50WHP and 25WTQ (peak numbers, higher gains in portions of the band) over the baseline numbers. We than pulled the OEM filters and added some high flow drop-in units, this small modification proved worthwhile netting us another 11WHP for total gains with tuning and filters of 61WHP/26WTQ for a final power figure of 402WHP/385WTQ!


We will be offering this service in house for $1495 on the dyno or you can mail your ECU in to us from anywhere in the US for $1295+ shipping. ECU removal on these vehicles is simple with it located right on top of the engine. Burble mapping on decel is available if specified.


Contact us for scheduling! or 508-762-1769!


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