New product alert: ECUTEK Tuning now available for 30TT Infiniti’s
New product alert: ECUTEK Tuning now available for 30TT Infiniti’s 01/03/18

Infinity Q50 3.0TT ECUTEK Tuning Now Available!!

After some new ROM defining with ECUTEK we finally have this 2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport calibrated. Now weighing in an extra 60WHP and 100WTQ in the midrange, this sleeper sedan now makes the same power as a stock 2009 GTR on our mustang dyno. With final tuned numbers on an otherwise stock vehicle clocking in at at 400WHP/475WTQ, this car moves out after baselining 362WHP/366WTQ on the stock car.

With careful changes to cam timing, torque, and boost settings, this VR30TT really wakes up. The base model cars will see even larger gains as they are limited to a 300HP on the factory tune vs. the 400HP that the OEM Red Sport sees. Through extensive testing using the multitude of acceleration features our Mustang Dyno provides, we came up with a perfect calibration for 91, 93 and 100 octane on an otherwise stock car (including stock heat exchanger). The acceleration tests along with differences in day to day throttle response, driveability, and transmission shifting are drastic, even on the already “hot” tune Red Sport.

With @amsperformance parts trickling out to consumers, these will be extremely fun cars to own and mod. Check out the graphs for peak numbers of baseline / tune only / tune and drop-in filters. The 20-80 acceleration test drop off 2 seconds during a 3rd gear test which you can see times noted on the bottom, with the short line representing tuned and the longer line representing stock.

Available for in-house tuning ONLY as of now with an introductory price of $895 will be available through 3/31/18.


Over 2 seconds chopped off our 20MPH-80MPH 3RD gear acceleration test!! Incredible!


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