Porsche Carrera GTS Tuning
Porsche Carrera GTS Tuning 12/09/19

Great Gains

2015 Porsche Carrera GTS with a host of Fabspeed upgrades in for the Cobb PROTune treatment. The GTS is a special car as it’s a perfect mix of performance and luxury complete with centerlocks, big reds, and a seven speed manual gearbox. The high strung 3.8L is very hard to make power on as Porsche has optimized fuel and spark from the factory and the free flow intake plenum and exhaust. Through lots of plotting of Variocam, great gains can be picked up across the curve. Driveability in low revs can be increased greatly with adjustments to the variable intake manifold (VIM) flap as well. Swipe to check out the 22+whp peak dyno gain over the baseline and listen to some Fabspeed music.


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