Subaru WRX STi Tuning
Subaru WRX STi Tuning 12/10/19

Great Gains

Kevin’s 2016 STi finally coming together with some heavy power on the dyno utilizing an @extremeturbosystems Twin scroll rotated kit and 3584RS/FMIC kit.

A few months back we installed an @iagperformance closed deck block with fire lock gasket and the rest of the supporting mods like twin disc, mounts etc. Finally after piecing together the complete kit, we were able to install along with a bunch of @radiumengineering goodies, @injectordynamics 1700’s and much more.

At 30-32PSI and 100 degree dyno cell temps, we were able to safely put down 630WHP on E60 blend ethanol. This is a power level the customer can live with for some time to come. The spool on the twin scroll kit was a bit better than a comparable single scroll but not night and day like some hope for.

For all builds and tuning contact us, we have many options available from stock rebuilds to 600+HP setups, with 2 long blocks still on the shelf ready to go for quick turn around.


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