Subaru WRX Tuning
Subaru WRX Tuning 12/10/19

Great Gains

Who remembers @austyn_wrx FA20 WRX from a year or so ago pissing a ton of people off on a max effort stock turbo / engine pull making 454WHP? (record fyi, check our website for details)

Well anyways he’s back after a build last season this time with new @cobbtuning logic to help make some extra jam on the @socalporting V3 turbo, built engine and @nostrumhp HPFP upgrade. Before the HPFP upgrade, the car was not happy at higher power levels (capped at around 440whp) or ethanol contents. This go around was very impressive and the car was happy / healthy with the added HP on the nostrum pump. This is a MAX EFFORT tuning session (not a yolo send it map that some people request) but max safe power levels for this car on a built engine. Anything much above this is going to require some added fuel system upgrades which we can explore in the future.

What’s next for this one? FP Blue? BRZ manifold? Stay tuned to find out, but for now just enjoy it! 🙂


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