We Are Now a GS-911 Authorized Retailer
We Are Now a GS-911 Authorized Retailer 05/21/17

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As you know, the GS911 is one of the best tools to keep in your tool box if you are a BMW Motorrad enthusiast. The GS911 has been a critical part of development in the 2015 S1000RR platform. Every time we send an ECU out, we use the GS911 to reset adaptations of the ECU. We have had a few customers that needed to reset adaptations again due to riding the bike to quickly after reinstallation and one case where the battery on our test bike died during adaptation reset. The GS911 has fixed these issues and got the customers back on the road with more power .

Below is a list directly from the GS911 website describing what it is capable of:

The GS-911 is a Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles – a specialized tool consisting of a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner.

Use the GS-911 to read and clear Diagnostic Fault Codes, show ECU Information, reset Service Reminders, perform Component Function Tests and even Recalibrate Idle Actuation!
The intelligent electronic interface works in combination with Windows PC software and is also available as mobile software.

In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the Bluetooth and WiFi interface allows you to use it with most modern mobile devices, including Android and Windows Mobiles (as well as the iPhones and iPads w/Generation II GS-911 wifi). No need for anything else.

This tool is portable enough to take on any trip!

The GS911 W/ WI-FI is available directly through us for the price of $399. This model is the only one capable of interfacing with the popular 2015 S1000RR. This device is capable of being used on 10 VIN’s, meaning if you have friends with BMW’s, you can split the product and cost!

The GS911 USB is perfectly capable for any 2010-2014 S1000RR and is available for $299.

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