Your Car Requires Regular Maintenance!
Your Car Requires Regular Maintenance! 09/27/18

Oil is your engines life blood

Regular service intervals are great and should be adhered to.  When you drive your car harder and heat your oil up more often, you may want to increase your service intervals.  Heating oil up too much will cause it to degrade.  Do you have performance modifications that push your engine harder than stock?  You definitely should increase your service intervals.  Even letting oil sit for too long isn’t good.

This V10 BMW M5 was eating bearings.  Luckily we caught this issue at the right time.  We had to swap the bearings and all is good now.  Just goes to show that you want to use a quality oil with proper service intervals.  If you’re curious what yours should be, call your local shop.  If they don’t know, time to find another shop.


We finished off this BMW with a Supersprint Header install.  Great power gains with custom tuning!

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