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  • 2004+ STi / 2006+ WRX Cobb Accessport with FREE burble tune


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    With Cobb’s / CARB Anti-Tampering initiative to their dealers, the release of the V400 OTS mapping, and Cobb’s newly revised exhaust products, we are strictly adhering to Cobb Tuning’s CARB EO policy for ANY street driven car. This means no toggle switches can be modified in tuning, such as modified emissions controlled devices. This also means you must adhere to Cobb’s v400 map policy using their new downpipe to not have a CEL. If your car has a delete/defeat emissions device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a (CEL), as-is this is not something that can be considered for tuning. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be tuned.

    With the push of green energy and electric initiative in the world, making vehicles compliant and use compliant Cobb parts for street use with a proper EO number is paramount. Many future-focused companies are working in this direction to keep our industry alive.

    Here is an updated list of legal 50 state parts and growing: CLICK HERE

    If your car is a race car, proof will need to be available (non-op registration/no plates) and sent via email prior for consideration of race only modifications. Details of what is needed can be found here: CLICK HERE

    Since the release of our Burble Tune Upgrade for the 2015+ FA20DIT WRX and later, the EJ25X model WRX and STi, we have been inundated with sales. Many tuners have tried to replicate what we do with less than stellar results. I have customers who tell me after the burble tune from a different tuner, their car runs terribly and part throttle driving is horrendous. This is not a byproduct of our burble tune. We implement it the same way OEM manufactures do (Think Ford, AMG, M, Alfa, etc) with seamless operation. Additionally, we have the ability to give you a super aggressive or tame OEM style burble per your request.




    Check out our burble tune page here


    That being said, we will be offering FREE burble mapping with the purchase of a Cobb Accessport! This map will be simply added to the Cobb OTS map of your choice for your particular mod set. This is a $75 value for FREE! Available for all 2004+ STi, 2006+ WRX, Forester XT, Legacy GT. This is available for both manual and CVT vehicles at this point!!


    Please specify in the notes section at checkout what year/make/model vehicle you have so we can process the proper Accessport for you! Once the Accessport is received, we will request some information from the device so we can get your burble map to you via email!


    Please note, this is NOT custom e-tuning, this is simply an add on to a Cobb OTS map! For those looking to bundle with an e-tune, you can purchase our Accessport/E-tune package here, be sure to add on the burble tune as a separate item! A catback exhaust should be used for maximum sound and effect.

    Additional information

    Weight 10 lbs
    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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