Subaru Burble Tune Add-on

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Exhaust burble tune for your WRX and STi!

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With Cobb’s / CARB Anti-Tampering initiative to their dealers, the release of the V400 OTS mapping, and Cobb’s newly revised exhaust products, we are strictly adhering to Cobb Tuning’s CARB EO policy for ANY street driven car. This means no toggle switches can be modified in tuning, such as modified emissions controlled devices. This also means you must adhere to Cobb’s v400 map policy using their new downpipe to not have a CEL. If your car has a delete/defeat emissions device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a (CEL), as-is this is not something that can be considered for tuning. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be tuned.

With the push of green energy and electric initiative in the world, making vehicles compliant and use compliant Cobb parts for street use with a proper EO number is paramount. Many future-focused companies are working in this direction to keep our industry alive.

Here is an updated list of legal 50 state parts and growing: CLICK HERE

If your car is a race car, proof will need to be available (non-op registration/no plates) and sent via email prior for consideration of race only modifications. Details of what is needed can be found here: CLICK HERE

Burble tune add-on for existing dyno and e-tuning customers or Cobb OTS map users. Looking accentuate the decel popping like you hear on many M/AMG/Porsche cars and see on IG/YouTube? This is what you are looking for. Once purchased please wait for instruction from our staff.

Now available for all 2004+ STi’s and 2006+ WRX!!!! FA20DIT and EJ255/257 now supported!!!


This is available ONLY for BrenTuning dyno and e-tuned customers along with any Cobb OTS map. We cannot add this to your tuned map from a different tuner, we can not add this to a MAP OTS file, again, we can ONLY add this to our maps or a Cobb OTS map. If you purchase this item and request a refund before the file is sent there is a 25% processing fee charged to your refund.

This price is PER FILE!!  If you update your mapping or need a revised file, you’ll need to pay for this product again.

The Cobb Accessport V2 is no longer supported for this item.  We only work with the Cobb Accessport V3.


This is a REMOTE TUNING SERVICE ONLY. All questions or inquiries need to be sent to ONLY, there is NO phone support for this product, please do not use our LiveChat support center for order details. Once you purchase the burble mapping, you will receive a confirmation email from our support team who will ask you to provide your Accessport Info Page (available via Cobb Accessport Manager) and the current BrenTuning E-Tune/Dyno tune or Cobb OTS map that you want burble to be added to. THIS CAN ONLY BE ADDED TO COBB OTS MAPS, OR OUR OWN E-TUNE/DYNO TUNE MAPS. This service can be added to ONE map, for multiple maps please reach out via the email above for discounted dual map pricing. PLEASE ALLOW 48 HOURS M-F FOR PROCESSING.

If you have any exhaust other than Stock or Cobb Gesi catted exhaust, the car will throw efficiency codes on the dash. They may not be present on your current map however when the Accessport is updated to the newest firmware and our map is created, they will be present.

If you have a 2019+ STi, the only exhaust that will not throw efficiency codes on the dash is the stock exhaust.

Please do not email or message us in regards to any dash errors due to aftermarket exhausts.


12 reviews for Subaru Burble Tune Add-on

  1. David

    Superb customer service, turnaround time for the tune was only 2 and a half hours. The pops are insane and are way louder than expected. I’m also able to shoot minuscule flames with a straight pipe from the turbo back.
    Worth every penny.

  2. Wyatt Boswell

    I got this tune 4 days ago on Friday. I was skeptical about getting it but I wanted to see what the hype was about. they initially told me before I ordered that turn around time could be up to 48 hours. well it only took them an hour and a half to get it back to me. Super quick! the burble’s at first were short quick and not very loud, but then all of a sudden it started having like super loud bands and I was super happy! THIS TUNE IS AMAZING!

  3. David Sanchez

    Purchased the burble tune add-on. I was amazed at the turn around time with the delivery of the tune within hours. I installed and a grin from ear to ear. My car also sounds much more aggressive a side of the pops are insane and are way louder than expected.

  4. Bryan Gartland

    Just installed and flashed over on my AP.. took it for a quick spin and it sounds sweet!! will update after a few weeks… AWESOME service! very quick

  5. Jose

    Got my tune today and immediately tested it out after i received the email and wow. The burble’s make my subaru sound like a subaru. So amazed by the tune and turn around time. Great tune and customer service!

  6. Chase Algono

    Just got my burble tune today and it’s awesome!!! Great customer service and fast response!!! Highly recommended!!!

  7. Chase Hanes

    Love it took a few hours but worth it. Had a guy in a new Sti followed me till I parked just to tell me how nice it sounded. Best 75 ever pent

  8. Rey Petrache

    Awesome tune on my 18 sti! Pops like crazy!!

  9. Matt Charlton

    Holy crap this tune is amazing. So amazing in fact, that my neighbour called the police to my house at 11:00 yesterday claiming I was shooting guns. 10/10 would tune again. Thank you for all your help.

  10. Diego

    Purchased it out today after watching a bunch of videos on this tune. Had it in a little over a hour after the online purchase, amazing customer service and response time. Now to the tune. This tune instantly put a smile on my face just after driving down the block. It’s very LOUD and sounds exactly like gun shots lol

  11. Sergio

    Great service, really quick response, within hours I had my tune. Killer pops and burble on my 2019 STI. I’ve been driving with a big smile for the past few days. I keep driving at 4000+RPM just to hear them and my neighbors hate me even more now! LOL

  12. Nate Weigleb

    Amazing service, even better sound. Brentuning helped me through every step and especially helped me understand the process. Sounds amazing on my STI

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