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BMW M5/M6 E60/61/63 Custom Tuning

$995.00 $795.00

Product Description

Essentially all development for S85 powered M5 and M6 cars stopped in 2009. Being that we had numerous local customers with S85 powered vehicles, we decided to open up the books and start from scratch on our in house S85 development. We have been developing mapping for the MSS65 in the E9X M3 for years. From that, we learned many strategies that directly correlate to tuning the S85. Development was done on numerous different vehicles with different ranges of modifications on our in house Mustang Dynamometer. Unlike most that offer S85 tuning, we started from scratch rather than simply buying files from European software engineers. In the tuning market, many shops buy modified files from European developers and call them their own. While gains are to be had with canned flashes on the market, some may not optimize all the available tables on a dyno like we have. Any car that is dyno tuned and tested can make higher gains then a canned flash. One can easily tell who is developing and who is buying pre-tuned maps and selling them as their own by looking at who has an in house chassis dyno for development. At BrenTuning, we always strive to innovate rather than copy. We are at the forefront for development of many different platforms — the S85 is no different.

We were able to gain 40WHP and 24 WTQ with software only on an otherwise completely stock 2006 BMW E63 M6 including OEM charcoal filters installed. The tuning changes include a flash to the ECU (engine control unit) as well as TCU (transmission control unit) including software changes for the SMG transmission with every tune we provide. The result is smooth gains throughout the entire rev range along with quicker shifting and an available extended rev limiter.

This software can also be flashed at home using our BrenTuning MPF OBD-II flashing unit which includes up to 3 tuned maps and 1 original. We can of course also adjust the tune based on modifications such as headers, exhaust, Alpha N, race fuel, E85 mixes etc.  Custom maps can be made in reference to rev limit, vmax, throttle response, or driving preference.

All of the gains that we have been quoted are on 93 Octane, if you plan on using 91 Octane, plan on making 10WHP less than a comparable 93 Octane car.

This product is available in all markets US and abroad, we offer in house dyno tuning which can be scheduled directly via the contact us button on our website. For our handheld device, a windows based computer is recommended. For optimum performance, an ECU pull to reset is requested (instructions available).

E85 Flex Fuel Tuning kit is also available for these vehicles. Simple under 1 hour install will allow you to receive the benefits of race gas for $2/gallon. Huge gains over pump fuel! Talk to your rep today about going flex!

A must have is our high flow drop-in filters which were dyno tested to 12WHP gains. Found HERE

Dyno testing:

Independent E60 M5 Dyno testing

In house E60 M5 Dyno Testing

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 in


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