BrenTuning Accessport E-tuning – Porsche Turbo 996/997/991

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Fully maximize your Porsche Turbo!!

Product Description

Porsche tuning is one of our fastest growing and most popular tuning options we offer! We specialize in the 996, 997 and 991 Porsche Turbo. As you know, these vehicles are brutally quick in stock form, what many don’t realize however, is that these vehicles are actually extremely restricted from the factory! With a simple ECU re-calibration from BrenTuning, you will finally get all the performance you can out of your Porsche Turbo!

With a simple ECU calibration through the Cobb Tuning Accessport V3, we will take your tame Turbo and completely transform it into a beast! Many people will ask — isn’t that bad for the engine? The answer here is NO! We have been tuning these specific cars for 5+ years (12+ years on other makes) with a great successful track record. We have mapping available for every level of modification from intake to exhaust to injectors and full turbo upgrades, we have the knowledge and experience to get your car running perfect!

The process is very easy and no dyno is required. We will provide you with detailed instructions and a basemap to get you started, you will plug in your Accessport load the map and then do a series of cruise, part throttle and wide open throttle pulls. You will datalog those pulls using the Accessport. After completing your datalogs, you email them to us, we will make modifications to your tune as we see fit and send back a revised map. You will continue the process until we find a happy, safe and powerful stopping point or we get to the 30 day limit. After 30 days, we can continue the process for a discounted rate.

Graph of 997.1 TT SRM 7163 Kit, Wagner Intercoolers, ID1300’s, AEM Methanol kit

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