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BrenTuning Subaru E-tuning service – One of our most popular products, experience our custom calibrations from anywhere in the world through your Cobb Accessport and BrenTuning!

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With Cobb’s / CARB Anti-Tampering initiative to their dealers, the release of the V400 OTS mapping, and Cobb’s newly revised exhaust products, we are strictly adhering to Cobb Tuning’s CARB EO policy for ANY street driven car. This means no toggle switches can be modified in tuning, such as modified emissions controlled devices. This also means you must adhere to Cobb’s v400 map policy using their new downpipe to not have a CEL. If your car has a delete/defeat emissions device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a (CEL), as-is this is not something that can be considered for tuning. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be tuned.

With the push of green energy and electric initiative in the world, making vehicles compliant and use compliant Cobb parts for street use with a proper EO number is paramount. Many future-focused companies are working in this direction to keep our industry alive.

Here is an updated list of legal 50 state parts and growing: CLICK HERE

If your car is a race car, proof will need to be available (non-op registration/no plates) and sent via email prior for consideration of race only modifications. Details of what is needed can be found here: CLICK HERE



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Please read our E-tuning manifesto from front to back and fully understand before purchasing our e-tuning service:

BrenTuning E-tuning Manifesto Please Click Here to Read Before Purchasing

BrenTuning Subaru E-tuning service – One of our most popular products, experience our custom calibrations from anywhere in the world through your Cobb Accessport and BrenTuning!

Here at BrenTuning, we offer a wide variety of tuning solutions. One of them is e-tuning. E-tuning is the art of tuning a vehicle off premises via e-mailing datalogs of critical engine data. To do this the customer would load the supplied BrenTuning base map and go out and do some wide open throttle pulls through a determined gear with the Cobb Accessport datalogging the run. The customer will then send those datalogs to us so we can tweak the necessary tables to make more power and improve drivability/fuel economy. After the tweaks are made a revised map will be sent and loaded to your Accessport and then car. This process continues until everything is safe, reliable and powerful. We do not limit you to revisions, revisions are unlimited within the first month. This means the faster you send us datalogs the faster you will receive your modified file. We do this full-time from a solid internet connection and work quickly, we hope the customer does the same. Most importantly, here at BrenTuning we offer a 48 hour window for revisions Monday-Friday.

Price: $350.00 for all 2015+ WRX/STi Stage 1 and Stage 2 variations with a customer supplied Accessport. This will cover 30-days of revisions or until we find a safe and happy stopping point. Most e-tuning customers are done much more quickly than 30-days, but it is up to you to provide quality datalogs in a timely fashion. Revisions outside of the 30-day window start at $150 and go up from there pending modifications added along with proof of purchase of a previous e-tune. For bigger turbo setups please contact us for pricing. We do not offer e-tuning to customers local to us, as this has caused issues in the past.

$150.00 extra for Flex Fuel tuning.  For 2015+ WRX, Flex Fuel will require a drop-in fuel pump and Cobb’s Flex Fuel Kit (sold separately). For STi’s will require injectors, FPR, fuel pump, flex fuel kit and pressure sensor along with an AEM UEGO wideband and Visconti tuning rear O2 sensor logging cable available for purchase via our website.

Notes: While we do e-tuning for all year Subaru’s, the older the car, the more chances there are for issues. If you are purchasing for an older vehicle (2014 or older) or a vehicle with higher mileage (80K or higher) please contact our sales representatives to make sure the vehicle is up to par for our e-tuning service so we can safely provide you proper mapping.



In this review, the customer tried a few different tunes before coming to BrenTuning.  The video will start at 8:26 when he starts to talk about our tuning.  If you’re interested in hearing his review on the other tunes, just rewind to the beginning.





-Pre-tune preparation is up to the customer, as we are not responsible for aiding in getting the car ready. While we are good at diagnosing issues through logs, many people simply skip preparation, while tuning the car, this is critical. Any setbacks will delay the tune process.

-This covers pump gas tuning only unless the add-on is checked, flex fuel requires Cobb’s kit and there is an additional charge for that service.

-This is for STAGE 1/2 Vehicles only, for custom tuning beyond that please email us first –

-Please make sure your car is 50 state emissions legal, the vehicle MUST have a catalytic converter in it.

-If you have any exhaust other than Stock or Cobb Gesi catted exhaust, the car will throw efficiency codes on the dash. They may not be present on your current map however when the Accessport is updated to the newest firmware and our map is created, they will be present.

-If you have a 2019+ STi, the only exhaust that will not throw efficiency codes on the dash is the stock exhaust.

-Please do not email or message us in regards to any dash errors due to aftermarket exhausts.

8 reviews for BrenTuning Subaru E-Tuning

  1. Allen Sells

    BrenTuning offers a top notch service. If you want to make the most out of your WRX/STi look no further. Customer service is the best of the best and responses are extremely fast. BrenTuning made me fall in love with my STi all over again with the magic they worked on the tuning. I highly recommend this service.

  2. Sergio

    The E-Tuning service provided by the highly skilled and knowledgeable team at BrenTuning has been spectacular both times I’ve used it – first for a Stage 2 tune on my ’18 STi and then for a Stage 2 + Cobb SF tune. I mean this from a mechanical as well as a personalized service point of view. Response times were quick and informative, and I don’t just mean with updated maps based on provided data logs. Questions I asked were answered, providing detail and giving me the information I needed to make more informed decisions about what was best for my car without spending time and money on things that would provide little in the way of performance, reliability, or excitement. Worth every penny and white knuckle 4th gear WOT run! Highly recommended. I’ll be back, without hesitation, for any future needs.

  3. Harry Williams

    I just wanted to put this post out to review BrenTuning. I drive a stock WRX but can’t stand the stock tune. It has massive rev hang and dies anywhere past 4.5k rpm. I lucked out with a black Friday sale for the e-tune at only $150. Now here is where BrenTuning really came through with their customer service. I went to purchase the tune and then realized I did not have the money in the account I intended to use. This failure to purchase was sent to their customer service department who then emailed me about the issue. I informed them that I wouldn’t have the money in my account until Wednesday. They told me they would honor the sale price at only $150, their etune usually runs $350. BrenTuning could easily have denied this sale price, yet they didn’t, they understood the value of a customer.
    Now on to the tune. They had me start with the base OTS Cobb stage 1 map since my car is stock. They gave me simple and easy to understand instructions about what information they wanted me to data log. After each log submission, they asked for a few more specific logs, such as a 4th gear pull to redline, keep in mind they had my safety in mind. They made sure to ask if I could perform this log safely. After the 4th revision of my tune they determined it was complete. I would agree with them, the tune is perfect. I experience no knock, none at all, a good linear power delivery, all the way to redline, and what I would consider a much safer tune for my stock car. When Subaru tunes their cars they do so for a broad market. Imagine a car in Michigan during winter versus a car in southern California during the heat of the summer. Both these cars are going to perform with the same tune, if stock, yet their climate is so different. The benefit of getting an etune from Brentuning is the assurance that your car is performing to its potential given your climate.

    Really top notch service from BrenTuning. If you may be on the fence about getting a tune, you should seriously consider BrenTuning.

  4. Justin Logue

    I contacted Brentuning for an E-tune on my 18′ STI. The only mods I have are Cobb Intake and an Invidia R400 catback. Every single time I sent Bren the datalogs, they were super fast to send me an updated log. In some instances only minutes. They were super easy to work with and made the car feel WWWAAAYYYYY better than the OTS Cobb MAP I had to run due to my intake. The car makes 21.5 psi when before it only would make 18ish. It feels awesome and they were able to add on some throttle response at the end. I’m super happy and will definitely be contacting them when I get new mods. THANK YOU BRENTUNING!

  5. Blake Ealey

    BenTuning E-tuned my 2018 WRX. Lets just say its a completely different animal. It feels so much better than any OTS tunes and they also helped me work through fuel related issues coming from the not so good gas you get in the western portion of the US. They were quick to respond as well. If not the same day it would be the next morning. If you are thinking of getting this tune. Do it! If I ever do more modifications to the car, I will be coming back for a new tune.

  6. Eddie

    Originally had my 2019 WRX e-tuned by BrenTuning last December with the Grimmspeed EBCS and Cobb Big SF intake. Straightforward directions and super fast responses. Sent the logs, received the new version, upload to AP, log, repeat until happy…7 revisions for me I believe. A couple months ago wasn’t feeling the intake anymore, took it off and hit up Bren for a re-tune. Same great experience, 3 revisions this time around. They are quick to answer questions about additional mods too and didn’t try to upsell me on something I didn’t need. Overall extremely pleasant experiences and I’m loving how my car is running.

  7. Troy Hughes

    I just want to say thank you to BrenTuning. I started my 2019 STI tune only to find the wideband I ordered was bad as well as the replacement that was sent. Only after ordering a replacement from Amazon out of frustration did it finally work and this was two weeks later. To be clear none of this was ordered from BrenTuning. I asked for a little leeway on my 30 day tune window and they basically said not to worry I’ll get a proper tune. Then about 3 days later my tune was done. To be fair I’m just a stage 2 tune with a Grimmspeed EBCS but they were awesome answering questions and most importantly my STI pulls so much harder than the OTS Cobb stage 2 map. 110% worth the cost and the burble tune is stupid fun.

  8. Logan Marsh

    Just finished the etune with only 5 revisions! I would recommend this service over anyone else! It wasn’t all about power it was about reliability and they made that clear to me and I am very appreciative of the job they did! Can’t ask for a better tune. Thanks Brentuning!

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