2015+ WRX BT450 Package


Add 150+whp to your STI

Add a Brentuning T-Shirt

Add Brentuning License Plate Frame

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With Cobb’s / CARB Anti-Tampering initiative to their dealers, the release of the V400 OTS mapping, and Cobb’s newly revised exhaust products, we are strictly adhering to Cobb Tuning’s CARB EO policy for ANY street driven car. This means no toggle switches can be modified in tuning, such as modified emissions controlled devices. This also means you must adhere to Cobb’s v400 map policy using their new downpipe to not have a CEL. If your car has a delete/defeat emissions device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a (CEL), as-is this is not something that can be considered for tuning. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be tuned.

With the push of green energy and electric initiative in the world, making vehicles compliant and use compliant Cobb parts for street use with a proper EO number is paramount. Many future-focused companies are working in this direction to keep our industry alive.

Here is an updated list of legal 50 state parts and growing: CLICK HERE

If your car is a race car, proof will need to be available (non-op registration/no plates) and sent via email prior for consideration of race only modifications. Details of what is needed can be found here: CLICK HERE

The 2015+ WRX is easily one of the most potent yet and under appreciated platforms on the market.  With basic bolt-ons and flex fuel tuning via BrenTuning, your 2015+ WRX will be the 4-door Corvette slayer you have always wanted.  Perfect street manners, reliability, and enough power to surprise any unsuspecting competitor.


Contact us for specific parts as they have changed since the start of this process 6 years ago!


This package add 150+whp to your WRX!! This price includes labor and our custom calibration!


Please note the COBB AccessPort is not included in this package but required.  Because most already have this modification, we do not include the access port in our pricing.


Tax not included in price*


Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 in


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